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Phrases to never tell to a Designer


What are the phrases that make designers shudder around the world? Starting from the ordinary (“Less is more”, “Made in Italy is dead”), through crippled expressions (“The more minimal”) and bizarre requests (“Modern but classic”), the list could go on and perfectly explain the troubled relations that exist between creatives and clients.

In collaboration with PICAME & LOVEThESIGN, the largest reference Italian e-shop for home design, have collected the most common ones in the series Phrases to never tell to a Designer,

and invite users to send their proposals using the hashtag #DontTellTheDesigner through Twitter.

The most original and funny will be selected and will be added to the series.

LOVEThESIGN leads a daily mission for the defence of copyright and the protection of Made in Italy.

It is used to explaining to disoriented customers why furniture handcrafted in Italy costs more than one made in China that looks the same, or to tell how an apparently trivial object has actually revolutionised the history of design. A funny daily commitment to educate and make people think about the complexity and the wonderful value of what Italy produces and beyond.